Europe’s Top Steam Train Journeys

Take A Journey

Taking a journey is always fun.  We all love the thrill of seeing something new, discovering new places, and meeting new friends along the way.  We have outlined some of the top journeys throughout Europe that may be fun for you to consider for your next adventure.

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Children’s Railway, Hungary

A completely charming railway journey! Budapest’s Children’s Railway, as the name puts it, is run by children from local schools (with adult supervision, of course) as part of the extracurricular educational system established to impart local teenagers about the capital’s rail system. The Budapest Railway is the lengthiest of its type in the world at 7 miles. The train goes by throughout the suburbia of Budapest and out into the Hungarian landscape, running amongst rustic countryside and old-fashioned townships.

West Highland Line, Scotland

One of the most illustrious steam lines in the world, the West Highland Line traverses the delightful backgrounds of countryside Scotland in the middle of Glasgow and the harbor townships of Oban and Mallaig. The iconic Jacobite Steam Train runs along this road, intersecting the Glenfinnan Viaduct, which was made well-known by the ever-celebrated and admired Hogwarts Express in the Harry Potter films.

West Highland Line

Brocken Railway, Germany

The Brocken Railway travels through the snow-capped mountains of Germany’s Harz Mountain scope. This Alpine National Park is best sightseen during the winter months when a layer of snow and an energizing gentle wind turns everything into a magical moment. The Brocken links the Harz Railway at 1.778 feet, and then borders the Bode River previously to making the firm summit up the eponymous mount, the main in the area.

Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Lake Baikal Route, Russia

Adopting a steam machine for the excursion around the most profound lake on Earth, this limb of the renowned Trans-Siberian Express is a truthfully breathtaking experience. So exceptional is the ecosystem of Russia’s Lake Baikal, it even has its specific freshwater seal populace, only one of three in the world. Possibly you will spot them reclining in the sun as the train borders the coastline. Lake Baikal itself and the nearby mountains are an astonishing vision, the emerald green waters arranged in a fine covering of swaying fog.

Brienz Rothorn Railway, Switzerland

Steam stands railway that hikes from the seashore of Lake Brienz up to the peak of the Brienzer Rothorn Mountain, 7.362 ft at its top point. This Alpine railway first came into use in 1892 and is now most admired with those searching to discover the mountaineering paths running across the region, most remarkably in the luxuriant Brünig Pass.

Brienz Rothorn Railway

Froissy Dompierre Light Railway, France

The only survivor of the fine-scale railways that a long time ago were functioned sideways to the furrows of the World War I battlegrounds, the Froissy Dompierre, constructed in 1915, runs alongside the Somme Canal. The little engines would carry crowds and supplies from side to side of the fronts on a regular basis from Péronne to Froissy. Now well-kept as an exhibition hall and working monument of those heartbreaking days, the Froissy Light Railway is an emotional and moving journey through the rustic French landscape, and part of the legacy railways of France.

Achensee Cog Railway, Austria

Running in the middle of Jenbach and Seespitz in the gorgeous Tyrol region of Austria is the well-known Achenseebahn Railway. Passing through the verge of the bright green waters of Lake Achensee, the 4.2-mile pathway is the hoariest flywheel railway still in action in Europe. The little train has subsisted transporting travelers through the Tyrolean hills for approximately 120 years and very little on this picturesque line has changed during all of that time.

Gloucestershire & Warwickshire Railway, England

As one of the loveliest lines in countryside England, the volunteer-operated Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Railway runs from Cheltenham to Laverton Halt, with ideas to spread the line beyond. The Line elapses through the frame between the nearby regions, snaking its way from side to side of the scenic, charming villages such as Gretton Halt on road.

Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Line, Wales

Crossing 13 miles above the lovely area of Snowdonia National Park, the admired Ffestiniog & Welsh Highland Line is one of the best parts of any visit to Wales. The railway runs from Porthmadog to Blaenau Ffestiniog and circulates from side to side of the valleys of the Welsh Highlands, running through undulant heathland and thinly forested coverts.

Isle of Man Steam Railway, Isle of Man

Connecting the island capital of Douglas with Port Erin is the tight gauge Isle of Man Steam Railway. A 24.6 km line through the sublime landscape and alongside the outstanding southern shorelines voyaging in antique carts renovated to their earlier wonders so you can experience them as they would have been in the 19th and 20th centuries.


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