Steam Train

How Fast Can A Steam Train Go And Why?

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Steam trains have been around now for over 200 hundred years since the beginning of the 19th Century. The first steam train to carry passengers, the famed Locomotion No. 1 built by the Stephenson’s had an estimated maximum speed of 15 mph. It’s safe to say that since then, steam trains have got faster but the question has to be asked, how fast can a steam train actually go?

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How Does A Steam Train Work?

Steam Engines And How They Work

The steam locomotives were used to run the trains. Now diesel and electric engines are being used for the purpose. But still, the steam locomotives are being used in some parts of the world. Let us know how steam trains work. The locomotive has two parts – a boiler and engine. The boiler generates the steam and the engine drives the wheel with the help of steam.

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